Maciej Kulhawik

What I'm doing now


I wholeheartedly hope, this lock down, at least in my country is getting to an end. I really do believe I've spent this time as "alive time" and it was more productive than ever. Really. But I miss my performances and would love to get back to my "normal" regime. Miss travelling around the country and making people laugh.

My tasks for today:

1. 30 min running/cold shower/affirmations

2. Wim Hof Breathing

3. 3 hours of writing

4. 1 hour of reading Inteligent Investor from Trader21

5. 15 minutes of stretching my hip

I have them written down on waiter's pad. When I finish the task i cross it with my pen. Man, it feels good.

When I cross all of them, I do a big "Z" sign all over all of the task. "Z" means Victory. "Z" means I won the day.

I love working hard. I love completing the tasks.

What's that?

For the last two months I've been working on 5 wins of a day. I set myself a goal of achieving 5 wins in three domains:

1. State of my body

2. State of my mind

3. State of my business

I call them Absolutely Necessary Actions. They have to be actions with leverage that will pay massive dividend in the future.

I really love to feel productive. This is not an ordinary To-Do-List. Tasks from To-Do-List are being moved from day to day, never actually done.

This is different.

It's a game with myself. I have to complete all 5 tasks to win the day. It work's magic. From March 25th I haven't lost a day.

When written down, they're gonna get done.

Updated May 28th, 2020, from Zielona Gora, Poland.